Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Activity in Batam, Indonesia

Today I'll try to tell my little story in english, I hope everyone can enjoy and easy to understand what I'm talking about. I woke in the afternoon, this is my habbit when I stay in Batam and I often do it too when I'm in Bandung. In Batam I have a thing to do at Telkom Company, it's such as internship. Yeah, I'm studying in Telkom Institute so I have to choose my first internship in Telkom Company too. But fortunutaly Telkom give the students oppurtunity to choose Telkom Company wherever they want, as long as it being in Indonesia. My destination I chose my internship in Telkom Company in Batam because I know that Batam is very close to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Yeah, this year I have dream. Just a little dream and I know many one can do it, my dream for this year is to go abroad on whatever country.

I want to know How good my english, I want to try to speak in Englsih even I'm used to speak in English in my country Indonesia but it'll be an honor to me to speak english in such as strange country, and Alhamdulillah because the help of Allah SWT and my mother I could relize my dream. Thanks so much to my mom that give a big help, I went to Singapore with my mom and my little sister Arci Tamara. Few weeks later, I invite my two friends in internship to go to Thailand and Malaysia. And we succeed and have many fun experience there, Big thanks to Allah SWT that always embrace our dream.

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